Archived Rates System

Report Help

How to Run a Report

The Archived LDP & PCP Rate report can be run with these simple steps:

  1. In Search Parameters, select the information you wish to report on.
  2. Click Run Report.

How to Correct Input

If ACR needs more information to run the report, the Search Parameters form will be redisplayed with a list of messages. Follow the messages to provide complete Search Parameters, then Click Run Report again.

How to Re-Run a Report

After you run a report, you may change the Search Parameters and run it again. Click the Search Again button, and your original input will be displayed above the report.

Edit the Search Parameters form, then click Run Report again. Or if you change your mind, you can click Hide to continue viewing the report as is.

PDF files are recommended for printing. They can be viewed and printed free with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. Run the report.
  2. Click the PDF button to export the report to PDF format.
  3. Open the PDF report in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. In Adobe Acrobat, press the Print icon on the top toolbar. Or select File > Print... from the top menu bar.
  5. In the Adobe Print dialog, check Auto-Rotate and Center. If you have legal-size paper, you might also check Choose Paper Source by PDF page size.
  6. Click OK.

If you like to print CSV files, import them into Excel. Here are a few tips for printing ACR reports from Excel:

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